What is the warrior mindset?

Simply, this is an approach to life that might resemble the approach we imagine a warrior would have taken. This is a way of conducting yourself, of approaching a problem and of looking after your mental and physical needs that requires a warrior’s grit and self-control. This is a way of life that has been largely forgotten in our modern society and which yet has more relevance than every before today. In this report, we are going to take a closer look at what is meant by the term ‘warrior mindset’ and we are going to prescribe the necessary training, steps and processes necessary to come closer to living life like a true warrior.

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Rachel Tucker

Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Rachel has risen, because of the falls...

Everything she teaches is from place of VICTORY and she has such a passion for everyone who she meets to experience the full measure of God's Grace and POWER.

She is about her Father's business and her GRIT, is what has helped many many women heal and then step into the call on their lives. 

She is a coaches coach, and her BS meter is on high alert at all times. She is unapologetic about it too, because she knows that real change comes when we can learn to live an examined life, and take constructive criticism as an act of love! 
She is a published author of 3 books, is responsible for hundreds of people coming to Christ, the founder of Women at the Well Academy and her trademarked 90 Day Power On Your Life Transformation Bootcamp, Rise Movement LeaderShip Conference and her signature At The Well Retreat where many have been saved and healed!



Are you sick and tired of being STUCK?

Rachel Tucker helps teach, train and mentor women to not only discover their gifts but to use them for service, like you.

Ignoring a problem never makes it go away… it only makes things worse, and ultimately harder to solve. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to jumpstart your life! The difference between staying where you are indefinitely, and moving forward to realize your potential, is all about taking action.


Success doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice. When you combine the right information with precise implementation you get rapid transformation!

Rachel has identified a formula that anyone, or any organization, can follow to achieve outstanding results.

In life there are always going to be ups and downs. What if you could learn how to make the up times last—and minimize or eliminate the down times? Rachel provides training solutions that do just that. We can help you achieve greater success, faster, and with fewer setbacks. Don’t take our word for it… we’ll prove it to you!

We have the proven resources to transform your life. From on-site workshops to online courses, coaching, consulting and more, we create change from the inside out. We offer a wide array of development and training programs built on timeless principles that get results

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What did Michael Jordan, Princess Diana, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? They all used coaches. Even at the peak of their careers, great leaders continue to use coaches to help them achieve more. If you are ready to take action and create the outcomes you want, we offer coaching programs to assist you in the process. Improve your performance and your results! Check out our coaching services designed to accelerate your success.



Want thorough training to help you master your trade, but can’t imagine it fitting into your busy schedule?

Women at the Well Academy offers high quality online video training that you can watch on your own time. So you can learn on your own time—and grow on your own time. We pour passion, knowledge, and practical pointers into all of our videos. Which means the trainings won’t just engage you; they’ll also change you.



When you want your event to be a success, you need to be able to rely on your speaker to deliver a message that will inspire, entertain and create positive change. You want more than temporary motivation… you want to create permanent transformation! After all, it’s your responsibility to make the event memorable, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Rachel Tucker delivers skill-building content and cutting-edge insights that will educate and energize your audience. Learn more about our customized, tailored-to-you speaking services here.


Being at the Rise event was very humbling for me. I learned things about myself, I didn’t know but was
beginning to understand. You truly can’t change what you don’t acknowledge! I realized that I was very codependent in multiple different areas. Like with my kids, I did way too much and left them to be needy. I was the friend someone called only when they had a problem. actually felt relieved, since I do so much for so many people in my life. So I knew I had to place healthy boundaries. I also loved the message of procrastination, that was also something I did way too much of and needed to change. I learned I was telling myself lies and that I had the power to change my thoughts. Then what happens when you acknowledge change is fear sets in. So the words I kept in m mind was what Rachel Billups said "if not now , then when". So I felt empowered by these strong amazing women and not only left with knowledge to help me to be a better me, I left with new sisters in Christ.

Thank you. I am still working on these things daily and I am getting better each day and feel amazing.
Diana Sparkman- Massilon Ohio

Diana Sparkman - Massillon, Ohio


Diana Sparkman - Massillon, Ohio



I have actually seen the manifestation of Rise in Rachel Tucker (the Author) for the past 7yrs.
In this book, she reveals the force that gave her the wind beneath her wings that elevated her to where
she is today. She lays the foundation that will continue to let her rise to great heights in the future and she invites us to Join. Rise means coming from a lower position to a higher one but Rachel wrote this book so that she could reach back to pull you up to where you belong. I realized in this book that It is time to soar like the eagle. The force of the wind( principles in the Rise book) will take me higher. Join us! Your gift will make room for you to soar! Fly with us and Rise.

Linda Carr - Iowa


Linda Carr - Iowa


I will share the thing so far that has really impacted me from reading this Rise Book, and that I am truly
focused on is how important and life-changing it is to find out and discover WHO you are, and WHOSE you are!! This is the foundation for any growth!!! You MUST know yourself first and know who you belong to!! Only then can you truly begin to grow and to impact those around you. For me I am learning the difference in who I really am Vs who people around me or I've come in contact with have led me to believe I am! Also..... my identity!!! My profession, or hobbies, or mistakes, nor successes are my
identity!! I have spent the last couple months realizing that since I have changed the way I see myself
things and people around me are changing too. All the things that God has purposed for me and talent he has equipped me with are threats to the enemy. And the more I pursue them the harder he presses. That's a sure sign of knowing you are doing God's plan and will. Though in my flesh some days are a struggle I am continuing moving forward and refusing to go back to the old way and old me!! I will continue To RISE above it all!! And continue to walk in my calling!

Danielle Wolfe - Greenville, Ohio


Danielle Wolfe - Greenville, Ohio


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